It’s Almost May!

It has been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot the name of my own blog!  I literally had to look it up.  I need to change the name.  I obviously have no experience in this…oh wait!  Maybe I do…it says “go” not “achieve.”  Ha.  So, I guess I can keep the title…though I really should change it.  It does give the impression that this blog has some insight into goal-achieving!  Ha.  Maybe I could start a new trend, a “how-not-to” rather than a “how-to” blog.  Let’s face it, I’m not doing the writing the part.  Or the losing weight part.  Or the editing of my book part.  And it’s almost May!  

I do have an unwritten goal that I’ve been pretty much rocking.  Ha.  I’ve been trying something new from Pinterest every couple of weeks.  Ha.  Try new recipes?  Yeah, I can do that.  Try a new exercise?  Yeah, I can do that too.  Commit to a long-term plan?  Not so sure about that.  Not even a four-week goal. 

Well, Bible reading, yeah, I do that.  Reading?  I’m reading the assigned books in my Disciple Makers class, so there’s that.  Also, one of my sons talked me into giving Audible a try. I’m listening to 12 Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson.  

How are you doing with your goals?  

Have you tried Audible or another audio book app?  What do you think?

What are you reading?  

What are you writing?  

Stumbling my way through life, dependent on Grace and Mercy,


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019

Update for 2019

Happy 2019.  🙂

Do you have your planner?  Is on the wall?  On your desk?  In your purse?  On your phone?  Or in your head? 🙂

I’ve got the wall calendars, the phone calendars, and the planner that I take with me.  I even purchased stickers this year 🙂

Okay, last year, I said I wasn’t going to worry about the scale.  Well…the scale went up (and my jeans got tighter)…so, yeah, I’ve decided to make some alterations to my system  🙂  First alteration, I will be participating in the wellness challenge our district is sponsoring at work, where the scale will be used as a measurement of our “wellness.”  So, I’ll be back on the scale.  🙂  Additionally, the site where I work has the option to participate in a “Biggest Loser” type challenge during the same time period.  I signed up for that one too.  Me?  Yep.  I did it.  Eek! 😮

I signed up with two of my kids for the Bubble Run in November this year.  🙂

Disciple Makers 4 has begun.  I’m pretty excited about the class.  We are reading Philippians, Taking God at His Word, Ephesians, and Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands.  We will also be reading another book to write a reflection paper on; I haven’t  chosen from the list just yet.

The Living + Active Challenge also started today on and I’ll be attempting that again this year.   

The study in John has begun on I enjoy reading the Bible along side others and reading the blog.  I won’t be participating this time around because I’m in the DM4 class, but I hope to keep up with the blog posts and the verses posted on the WLW Facebook page and Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, people are very active on there and I still don’t have the hang of it, ha.  But, I’ve been enjoying seeing other people’s pictures. 🙂

I brought my laptop to work today to spend a few minutes editing during lunch, but it didn’t happen.  I spent too much time in my planner 🙂 I’m still glad I took it with me.  Maybe next time 🙂

That’s my check-in.  Let me know what your hopes are for 2019 🙂

Happy planning!



I hear and read a lot about people having a “word” for the year. I think I tried once or twice before, they were words that I thought would be good. However, it wasn’t really something I prayed about. Perhaps that’s why they never really stuck.

Honestly, I’m not sure what people are doing with their words. Are they putting them on jewelry so they’ll read them every day? Printing them on their T-shirts? Writing them at the top of their daily lists?

One day last week the word “gratefulness” popped into my head. I do see where I need to exercise my gratefulness muscles. I am blessed every day, yet I don’t acknowledge those blessings every day. (Honestly there are so many I don’t even realize I have them until I hear someone mention the desire for something I’m blessed with…like someone to talk to, a spouse, quiet time, someone to bake for, etc.)

This morning I was listening to a sermon by Allen Parr. He mentioned his YouTube channel and the number of subscribers he has. He spoke of self-discipline of making the content and the discipline required to create it even when he had very few subscribers.

I then listened to a video post by a blogger I follow and she mentioned self-discipline. She missed her workout class because she went back to bed…but then got up and went for a run and a solo workout.

I am weak in this area of self-discipline, to say the least. But I will try to discipline myself to remember to be grateful.

So, dear Reader, I will start with you. Thank you for reading. 😊


NaNoWriMo Has Begun

Above is the widget for this year’s NaNoWriMo.  What is NaNoWriMo?  National Novel Writing Month.  There are plotters, planners, and pantsers.  Yes, I’m a pantser.  I didn’t know anything about what I would write about until a few days before it began.

An incident happened when I came home from work a couple of weeks ago.  I had thought about writing that incident into a story and how someone would handle it in a different way than I did.  But, a couple of days before November 1st, I decided against it.  I decided I’d write that person’s story and how they got to my house.  I’d enter into the world of the inciting person rather than the my usual, how does my protagonist handle the conflict of this person coming in and causing trouble.

I also thought I’d write in first person…it was only a couple of paragraphs into the story when I realized I wouldn’t be doing that after all.  Ha.  The speed writing time of NaNo is probably not a good time to attempt a different writing style.  On a side note, I am rather confused as to why it seems so completely foreign to me when I used to write in first person most of the time.  Weird.  Well, I better get back to Down The Toilet and absolutely no editing.  (First rule of NaNo, no editing.)

Here’s to 50,000 words in 30 days.

Grace, peace, and love to you.


Fasting.  The dictionary states a fast is when you abstain from food for religious or medical reasons.  It also adds that, in certain circumstances, it may not be a fast from all foods, just certain foods.  I’ve come across posts that contain links to other blog posts regarding a type of fasting for dieting called intermittent fasting.  I have not done much research on this, but you pick a certain time of day and don’t eat during that time period, but I don’t know if there other food restrictions that go along with that.

Okay, so that’s a generalization of the itsy-bitsy amount of research that I did before coming across a podcast about fasting.  I have listened to this podcast about seven times.  I will probably listen seven more.  And, I wouldn’t be surprised if I listened seven times after that.  This not to say this is the greatest podcast ever, in the history of podcasts, rather, every time I listen I seem to catch something I missed because I don’t sit and listen.  I listen while washing dishes, showering, driving, cooking, or whatever; so I am not without distractions.  Ha.  (If you want to listen to the post, here is the link: )

Based on the dictionary definition, this podcast would fit in the “religious” category of fasting.

For two weeks, I fasted after 9 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.  I don’t think it would fit under the category of medical, health/diet, or religious.   It was more of an experiment to see if I was capable of it, could I muster up the self-discipline to do it?  Yes, 9 p.m. is pretty late, so I did choose the easiest time ever.  Did I do it?  Yes.  I was able to accomplish this.

Now, the real challenge.  The anxiety-inducing challenge.  An earlier time, you ask?  Nope.  Not an earlier time.  A different fast.  A different time and a different fast.  What is it, you ask?  I cringe at the thought, in all honesty.  And totally embarrassed by the anxious thoughts that whelm me when I consider it.


I haven’t hammered out all the details, but I’m considering a sunup to sundown fast, Monday through Friday.  I have heard of families that have a one day a week “sabbath rest” or “fast” from technology; meaning their whole family puts all of the phones in a drawer, no television, no radio, no Xbox, no handheld games, no laptops, no tablets–no technology or screens for a day.  Wow.  I am totally embarrassed at how shocking I find that.  Why couldn’t a family go without technology for one day, or even just sunup to sundown for one day?  That should be easy.  Yet I am having a very anxious response to the thought of it.

Maybe a fast from Facebook is a health fast after all.

I will set a date to begin and a duration.

Please comment and let me know if you have ever fasted from a social media website.  How long did it last?  Was it harder than you imagined?  Did you do it alone or as a family or with a friend?  Will you do it again?


What causes offense? Whatever hurts our pride.

Is pride valuable?

If someone tells me I will never get the desired results from my work, my automatic response is to get offended. My pride just took a hit. What is my next response? Let’s look at some options:

  • Question the one who pronounced this judgment.
  • Give them a “wounded look” and walk away.
  • Hang my head and agree with the statement.
  • Cry.
  • Strike back with a snarky retort.
  • Show them my long finger and walk away.

What might happen with the first option of questioning the “offender?”

  • There is a possibility they might give an honest answer that could help me learn.
  • They may repeat that I have no chance of succeeding at this endeavor and give no reason as to why I will not be successful.
  • They may repeat not only the sure doom of this venture, but also that of any other ventures I may set my mind to.

What are the possible followup actions for the next option of exposing my woundedness based upon their remark and walking away.

  • Hearing the comments spoken behind my back as I walk away.
  • Imagining the comments being said about me as I walk away.
  • Hang out by myself and replay their words so that they become my words to live by.
  • Play the words over in my head and look for any grains of truth or any blatant falsehoods.
  • Question whether the person who made the pronouncement actually had all the details. If they didn’t, they are not equipped to make the statement; therefore, I need to seriously consider not allowing their words abort my plans.

Where could taking the third option of hanging my head and agreeing with their declaration lead?

  • I could agree and apply that response to every opportunity that comes my way.
  • I could agree and believe that everyone else’s opinions are to be trusted, even if they don’t know the facts or the future.

The next option was to cry. What would the natural response be to this option?

  • They walk away.
  • They tell me I need to leave, crying won’t help and is just another example of why I will not succeed.
  • Someone sees me crying and they talk to their friends about that crazy person sitting there crying.
  • Someone sees me crying and they come to comfort me.
  • Someone sees me crying and they come to take advantage of a vulnerable person.
  • Someone comes to find out why I’m crying and stay to encourage me.
  • I walk away crying and pray as I walk, wondering if my plans have room for improvement or if the plans really won’t work and needs to be scrapped.

Okay if I answer discouraging statements with snark, will it help? What could happen?

  • It would be misunderstood because this person obviously doesn’t understand my great language skills or they wouldn’t have said what they did in the first place.
  • My snarky answer would be met with another snarky answer and I wouldn’t know how to out-snark them because I just remembered snarkdom is not really my strong suit.
  • My snarkiness would just hurt them and reinforce the idea that I couldn’t possibly be successful in my planned venture because I don’t treat people well.
  • My snarky remark would make me feel bad and I’d have to apologize to the person who offended me even though they never apologized to me for their harsh words.

Finally, the option of demonstrating the exact length of my long finger. What could this do for the situation?

  • Get me banned from whatever establishment I’m in when I have completed my demonstration.
  • Become part of my reputation, not at all helping me to become successful at the planned venture.
  • Perhaps a few people would laugh, but others might shield the eyes of any nearby loved ones–not something I would be proud of.

As you can see, all of these responses have multiple different outcome possibilities. However, one possible response to a discouraging pronouncement I didn’t mention was going to bed offended, waking up offended, followed praying a prayer of confession that such a stupid offense against my pride could cause such upset was embarrassing even though nobody else knew about my being offended, ha. And what would the outcome of this response be? A blog post. 😂⌨📃🤣

Happy Labor Day weekend, my friendly readers.

Happy Tuesday!

Just checking in. Sitting outside Home Depot…so this will be quick!

Still in Psalms, a lot closer to 50 than I thought I’d be.

Reading F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation by Kim Leto who modeled for Oxygen magazine. Pretty good so far.

Have a cold, so nice workout updates at the moment.

Learning math on Kahn Academy to help my son. 😊

Will start Disciple Makers 3 tomorrow. So that will change up my reading updates. 📖📓📚

Have only edited a paragraph of my book since last blogging.

That’s it for now.